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Workshops in Somatic Education:

3 Mar 2018, Västervik, Sweden - Workshop in Chakrasomatics (Gayatri Schriefer)

28-29 Apr 2018, Stockholm, Sweden - Beyond the Myth of Ageing (Gayatri Schriefer)

21-22 Jul 2018, Wicklow, Ireland - Mobilising the Spine (Brian Ingle)

27-28 Oct 2018, Galway, Ireland - Mobilising the Spine (Brian Ingle)


Somatic Education at Festivals: 

3-7 Mar 2018, International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, India (Brian Ingle)

30 Jun-1 Jul 2018, Vyana Summer Festival, Varberg, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

22-26 Aug 2018, Yoga World Festival, Mahabalipuram, India (Brian Ingle)

1-7 Mar 2019, International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, India (Gayatri Schriefer)

24-31 Mar 2019, Bali Spirit Festival, Bali, Indonesia (Brian Ingle) 

5-10 Sep 2019, Yoga Festival, Dublin, Ireland (Brian Ingle)


Professional Trainings in Clinical Somatics 

Segment 1:

5-14 Apr 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Brian Ingle & Gayatri Schriefer)

2-6 July 2018, part 1, Västervik, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

21-29 Aug 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Gayatri Schriefer)

6-9 Sep 2018, part 1, Minsk, Belarus (Gayatri Schriefer)

15-19 Sep 2018, part 1, Västervik, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

20-23 Sep 2018, part 2, Västervik, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

24 Oct-1 Nov 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (Gayatri Schriefer)

10-14 Nov 2018, part 1, Dublin, Ireland (Brian Ingle)

10-14 Nov 2018, part 2, Minsk, Belarus (Gayatri Schriefer)

10-14 Jan 2019, part 1, Pondicherry, South India (Brian Ingle)

7-10 Feb 2019, part 2, Dublin, Ireland (Gayatri Schriefer)

18-21 Mar 2019, part 2, Pondicherry, South India (Gayatri Schriefer)

Segment 2:

21-25 Mar 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (Brian Ingle)

18-22 Nov 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Brian Ingle & Gayatri Schriefer)

19-24 Jan 2019, Minsk, Belarus (Gayatri Schriefer)

16-21 Feb 2019, Västervik, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

11-16 Apr 2019, Dublin, Ireland (Brian Ingle)

27 Aug-1 Sep 2019, Pondicherry, South India (Brian Ingle)

Segment 3:

20-29 Apr 2018, Wicklow, Ireland (Brian Ingle)

10-13 May 2018, part 1, Gothenburg, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

1-10 Jun 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Brian Ingle)

18-21 Jun 2018, part 2, Uppsala, Sweden (Brian Ingle)

11-20 Aug 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (Brian Ingle)

31 Jul-4 Aug 2019, part 1, Västervik, Sweden (Gayatri Schriefer)

Segment 4:

28 Mar-2 Apr 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (Brian Ingle)

13-19 Oct 2018, Wicklow, Ireland (Brian Ingle & Gayatri Schriefer)

26 Nov-2 Dec 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Brian Ingle)

Segment 5:

1-8 Aug 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation (Brian Ingle)

23-30 Sep 2018, Kiev, Ukraine (Brian Ingle)

30 Apr-7 May 2019, Wicklow, Ireland (Brian Ingle & Gayatri Schriefer)

Advanced yearly segment for graduates:

6-9 Oct 2018, Wicklow, Ireland (Brian Ingle & Gayatri Schriefer)