Living Somatics presents a brand-new Movement Teacher Training (LSMTT). The focus of this training is to learn to teach the key movement lessons, theory and principles of Somatic Education. 

The primary focus of this work is to empower clients to master their own self-healing capacities. We work with principles that improve the function of the nervous system, which enable free and easy movement. 

In this training you learn:

•      To teach a series of Somatic Movement Explorations. Each lesson has a unique design to improve a specific function.

•      A daily self-practice of Somatic movements, known as the Cat Stretch.

•      Principles and learning strategies of Living Somatics. 

•      The pedagogy of teaching Somatic Movement Explorations.

•      How individuals respond to stress and its effects within somatic body patterns (green light, red light and trauma patterns.

•      What Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is and why it is the most common cause of chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system.

•      Assessment of Somatic habituations through observation in standing and walking.

•      Thomas Hanna’s clinical hands-on technique “pandiculation”. This technique restores voluntary control over muscles and improves the sensory motor feedback loop.

•      How Somatic Education can reverse the effects of stress, trauma, accidents and injuries.

•      History and philosophy of Somatic Education.

•      Functional anatomy and neurophysiology as it applies to Somatic Education.

•      How Somatic Education enriches other movement methods, like yoga, dance, martial arts, sport etc.

•      How Somatics can relieve specific functional movement limitation and reduce pain.

This training is for you if you want to:

-Improve your posture and functional movement patterns to enjoy Somatic freedom.

-Deepen your self-awareness to enrich your embodied experience while improving posture, mobility and stability.

-Want to be able to teach classes in Somatic Education. 

-Empower people to take charge of their own wellbeing and embodied happiness. 

Through the practice of Somatic Education we develop an embodied sense of self-awareness, which guides us back to balance and a deep inner process of self-healing. This method teaches us how to use movement and awareness to increase wellbeing, health, and access our greater potential. 

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